About The Quincy Museum

The historic Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion, the home of the Quincy Museum, is a wonderful example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture set in the heart of Quincy's Maine Street. Visitors are treated to tours of the restored first floor of the home where they can see what it would be like to live in a high style Victorian Mansion in the 1890's.

Egyptian Necklace in our Art From Around the World Exhibit
Art From Around The World
Velociraptors - Quincy Museum Dinosaurs - Quincy IL

Second Floor Exhibits

Adams County Goes to War

Make your way upstairs where you can enjoy a variety of exhibits. Our 2nd floor hallway gallery houses a fascinating exhibit entitled Adams County Goes to War! This exhibit showcases the history of Adams County residents who have defended our freedoms on battlefields near and far.

Art from Around the World

Step into the rear gallery on the second floor where you will be treated to a new display of art pieces from cultures around the world. Featured are pieces from Egypt, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Asia and Native American pieces.

Police and Fire

Another gallery showcases our local police and fire departments. On display are pieces representing the history of law enforcement and fire protection in our area. On loan are some fascinating pieces. Featured in this area is the rare Quincy Police Colt pistol recently donated to the museum.

Military Firearms

Don't miss the educational and informative display of military firearms in our large gallery. Here you can see examples of military firearms dating as far back as our Japanese matchlock blunderbuss that dates back to the late 1600's. Firearms from American history, such as the British Brown Bess, the Hall's carbine and rifle, and others dating up to the turn of the 20th Century are on hand for you to see.

Third Floor Exhibits


Head up to our third floor and enjoy exhibits designed for both children and adults. Wander through our Dinotopia exhibit and learn about dinosaurs. You can also handle replica fossils, put your foot in a cast of a dinosaur footprint and see real fossils.

Mississippi Wildlife

Our Mississippi Wildlife room takes you on a journey through local landscapes with local animal mounts such as deer, elk, bald eagles and other local creatures. Visit our river bottom and pond displays too. Kids will be fascinated when they look through our microscope at a rogue's gallery of nasty little creatures.

Native Americans

Don't miss our updated Native American Room! This room features lots of fun activities for children. Young visitors can play in our wickiup, carry babies on our cradle board, dress up in Native American clothing, play games and do activities. A large play table allows children to make their own Native American village. All the while, adults can enjoy viewing a wonderful selection of Native American artifacts that tell the story of the Native Americans who once lived in the Midwest.

The Quincy Museum Membership

Membership at The Quincy Museum is a great investment in the future!

Members receive:

  • Quarterly issues of The Quincy Museum News
  • 10% discount in our Museum Store
  • Free admission for themselves and their family (if a family membership)
  • Advance notice of upcoming events
  • Discounts for educational classes
  • Opportunity to host weddings and other events at The Quincy Museum

Membership is reasonably priced at $20 per year for individuals and $35 for families.