Educational Programs at The Quincy Museum

The Quincy Museum offers tours and programs for visitors of all ages; pre-school through senior citizens. Our classes are available for school groups, home school groups and after school groups such as church classes, Boy and Girl Scouts, and other youth groups. We are also more than happy to accommodate home-school groups. Just call the museum and ask for more information!

About Our Educational Classes

Quincy Museum educational classes are taught by a certified instructor and include hands on activities for the students and a take-home packet of materials for the classroom teacher. Our classes generally take one hour, with the exception of Magnetism and Electricity and Weather, which take approximately one and one-half hours.  We can also make our Museum Store available to your students, just ask the museum staff when you make your reservations as we will have to schedule additional time for your visit.

Call us and ask about our new programs where the Quincy Museum can come to you in your classroom!

For all ages

Growing up in the 1890s

Quincy Museum Bedroom

A tour of our high-style Victorian first floor and second floor restored bedroom. This tour teaches students what it would have been like to live in the Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion as a child of the 1890s. Includes a fun hands-on activity. 

For Pre-K & Kindergarten

Backyard and Ocean Animals

Children will have fun learning about the animals found in their backyard and in the world's oceans. Hands-on activities include a listening station and a "create your own animal" station. 

For Grades 2 - 6

Magnetism and Electricity

Students learn to understand electricity and magnetism through hands-on activities, viewing related exhibits and performing experiments. This class takes one and one half hours.

For Children of All Ages


Christmas Class at The Quincy Museum

One of the best times to visit the Quincy Museum is in December! Each year, we offer educational classes that include tours of the beautifully decorated Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion. Each year, the museum decorations follow a different theme, allowing there to be something new to learn about the Christmas holidays every year. Each child attending our Christmas classes gets to create a special Christmas craft and leaves with a candy cane treat. 

for grades kindergarten - 5


Dinosaur Exhibit - Quincy IL

Learn about dinosaurs while enjoying our Dinotopia Exhibit! Participants can do a hands-on dinosaur dig or help build a giant t-rex! 

For Grades 3 - 9


Examine tools and use the scientific method in the excavation and identification of buried fossils.

For all ages

Historic Quincy Businesses

Take a walk through exhibit galleries showing how Quincy became the Gem City. Exhibits include early Quincy businesses such as the corner store, medicine, electricity and gas, steamboats and the railroads, manufacturing and other businesses that made Quincy great.

for grades 2 - 12


Mississippi Wildlife Display - Quincy IL Musuem

Our wildlife class stresses conservation and features our Mississippi Wildlife Exhibit, where students can see mounted animals found in our area, visit the river bottom and view life under the bottom of a pond. Hands-on activities involve learning to identify animal tracks so that students can see who is visiting their own backyards. 

For Students Learning to Tell Time

Telling Time

Come check out a collection of beautiful old clocks and learn about sundials, water clocks and other ways people used to tell time. Make your own model clock and learn how to tell time. 

For Grades 1 - 6


Students learn about weather through fun activities and scientific experiments. This class takes approximately one and one half hours.

We are currently updating this class - please contact the museum for availability.

Rocks and Minerals - Quincy Museum - Quincy IL
For Grades 4 - 7

Rocks and Minerals

Learn about the various types of rocks and how they are formed. Hands-on activities include using the scientific method to excavate and identify rocks and minerals and a special fluorescent experiment. 

Native American Lesson - Quincy Museum - Quincy IL
For Grades 2 - 6

Native Americans

This class, which takes place in our Native American exhibit room, uses artifacts and hands on activities to teach children about the Native Americans who once called the tri-state area home.