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Our Board of Directors

The Quincy Museum is governed by a thirteen member Board of Directors and a full time Executive Director. We also have a non-voting Advisory Board that assists in all aspects of museum governance.


Our current Board of Directors consists of:


President: Christopher Pratt

First Vice President: Greg Zanger

Second Vice President: Joe Mays


Secretary: Ashley Cain

Immediate Past President: Jane Huelsmeyer

Executive Director: Barbara Wilkinson-Fletcher


Board Members

Bobette Cawthon

Dick Hopkins

Bill Lantz

Marian Sorenson

Tim Vogel

Malinda Vogel

Our Advisory Board Consists of:


Norma Barnwell

Susan Daggett

Don Damm

Aimee Fitzgerald

Jane Huelsmeyer

Don McKinley

Barbara Newman

Al Pogge